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PES Creates a Stylized Version of Time-Lapse for Honda

Stop-motion genius PES explores a new technique to create his second commercial for Honda.

The spot, created almost entirely in-camera, uses an enormous set and long-exposure photography to create a time-lapse feel as a group of “worker bees” create five structures that eventually become the Honda logo.

“The agency wanted to have a time-lapse feel, but not traditional time-lapse as it can be a bit messy, playing out in fits and stops,” PES tells It’s Nice That. “So it’s not time-lapse, but it draws upon the history of it using long-exposure photography in a stop motion animation. By shooting each frame over three or four seconds, we’ve created these blurred streaks. As the camera was exposing, the builders had to move through choreographed motions, so it was all planned and controlled — I wanted it to be more stylized and cleaner than normal time-lapse…for me it was about how we could manipulate these techniques to create a more artfully composed version of traditional time-lapse.”

Watch below and read the full story here.