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‘Personal Shopper’ Director Olivier Assayas on Why Cinema Is Made for Ghost Stories

Olivier Assayas’s

Personal Shopper 

is a ghost story about a woman (Kristen Stewart) looking for signs from the beyond from her dead twin brother.

“I think that the notion of connecting with the invisible is something that’s central to cinema,” Assayas tells

MovieMaker Magazine

. “You have to be very naive to not realize how little control that you have over what you film. I think that there is much more to what’s going on in a shot or in an image than you think there is. Because you end up recording it, cinema mysteriously feels connected with the invisible in ways that other art does not. I think that’s the beauty of film. And yes, it’s very difficult to get there, so I’m trying and trying and it’s always been present in my films, a sense of relating to the subconscious. I think that a lot of filmmakers I have admired do that, such as you see in the best work of the Coen brothers. I’m trying to get there too, step by step.”

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