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‘Pemberley’ Comes to LipSync Post

Postproduction for the BBC1 miniseries Death Comes to Pemberley was handled by LipSync Post in London, with color grading and deliverables completed on one of the facility’s three Quantel Pablo color correction and finishing systems.

“I sat down on the Pablo with the director of photography, Steve Lawes, initially to set up looks for certain scenes, laying down broad strokes,” recalls senior colorist Stuart Fyvie. “We then went through a second pass to smooth it out across all the scenes. It’s an iterative process.

“Pablo is perfect in attended sessions,” Lawes continues. “What it also uniquely offers us is a great workflow. I can make subclips and replace shots, and I can edit on Pablo. It has really solid editing tools that I invariably need in grading sessions. Equally important, when you’ve finished the job on Pablo, it’s finished. Clients can leave with their deliverables.”