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Pelco Intros New 700 Series Display System; VMX300-New Device Drivers

The new


700 Series DLP Display system is designed for the needs of the video security industry. A 50-inch rear projecting display utilizing DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology – a trademark of Texas Instruments – the 700 Series features zero burn-in over its entire 11-year, 100,000-hour life cycle.

At only 18 inches deep, a single 50-inch display delivers the viewing area equivalent to that of twenty-six, 9-inch CRT monitors, yet consumes only 80 percent of the power and 20 percent of the physical space. It even uses 30 percent less power than plasma displays.

According to Pelco developers, when set-up with Multiviewers, each 700 Series display can be configured with up to 120 inputs, each scalable and able to be moved across any single display. In addition, the 700 Series can be stacked or nested together to form a video wall.

PelcoFiber transmitters and receivers now offer more video channels to help you move more video and data farther.

The FT85041/FR85041 carries four channels of digitally encoded video with bidirectional data and the FT85081/FR85081 carries eight channels. Both the FT805041/FT85041 and the FT85081/FR85081 offer 8-bit digitally encoded video for high-quality multi-channel video transmission over a single fiber. The eight-channel FT85081/FR85081 transmitter and receiver have multi-mode fiber support for up to 1 km and single mode for 30km.

Modular in design, the transmitter and receiver units can be wall or rack mounted, which means installation is easy and efficient. The modules can be mounted using either Pelco RK5000PS-3U or Pelco RK5000-3U rack mounts, which provide 12 available slots for fiber optic modules. The EPS5000-120 external power supply can also provide redundant power to a fully populated RK5000PS-3U or RK5000-3U chassis.

Pelco announced the availability of new device drivers for the VMX300/VMX300-E Video Management Systems. VMX300 receives and displays video from both analog and digital (IP) based video systems. The VMX300 product line is designed to maximize existing analog investments while capturing new opportunities with IP-based video.

The new device drivers for the VMX300 and VMX300-E permit connection to the Pelco DX8000 DVR and CM9760-Alm and CM9760-REL alarm interface and relay unit. VMX300 systems provide monitoring and control of up to 2,000 cameras and can be configured to display a combination of IP-based video and analog video through two VGA monitors.

The VMX300 systems come pre-loaded with both server and client software, Pelco device drivers, and licenses for up to 10 cameras. Additional licenses can be purchased separately to accommodate higher camera counts. Facility maps are provided and installed by the system administrator and are used to identify the location of cameras, domes, PTZ devices, and alarm locations. These devices can be controlled directly from the intuitive user interface. The VMX300 systems eliminate the need to remember complex camera and keyboard codes, enabling operators to get up-to-speed faster.