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‘Parks and Recreation’ Says Goodbye with DPA Microphones

Sound mixer George Flores captured the dialogue for the final season of NBC’s Parks and Recreation with DPA Microphones’ d:screet 4071 and 4060 omnidirectional miniature mics. With the show’s interview-based production style similar to reality television, these mics provided the ideal solution for recording individual dialogue while events played out behind the actors.

“This style of show presents its own set of challenges,” Flores explains. “It’s not a conventional situation where you shoot the wide shot with everyone in it and then you go in for the mediums followed by the close-ups. In a pseudo interview-type show, you have to mic each actor, and we have a multitude of actors to wire. We try our best to be diligent about mic placement and getting the best quality possible, and that’s why microphone selection is so critically important.

“The DPA miniatures have been great on this project,” continues Flores. “For most wireless lavalier microphone situations, quality is dependent on isolation from clothing or jewelry. We usually place a lav on an actor in a spot that sounds good, and then five minutes later it’s not so good. The combination of the built-in ‘low-cut/soft-boost’ feature gives these DPAs a huge advantage over other manufacturers in that, once a lav is placed, it needs very minor, if any, adjustments to keep it sounding consistently on-axis. The d:screet 4071 in particular is very important in attaining the entire voice range in an equal, full way for delivery to postproduction.”