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Park Slope Productions Turns to EVO for Alaskan Bush People

The team at Park Slope Productions knows what it takes to create engaging television; they’re currently following a family of nine living “off the grid” in the rugged Alaskan wilderness for the Discovery Channel series Alaskan Bush People.

During months of on-location shooting, the Park Slope crew uploads several terabytes of media every week, and nearly two dozen producers and editors prepare it for primetime. The Park Slope team currently uses Studio Network Solutions’ EVO shared media server, a system that provides flexible, high-performance storage—including the ability to configure the system as both Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network-Attached Storage (NAS). With EVO, team members can simultaneously work on separate projects in shared folders using the same media.

The transition from using four individual 10 TB Thunderbolt-connected drives for storage to a single EVO Shared Media Server allowed the production to streamline and simplify workflow across numerous producers and editors.

“Sometimes there will be six to seven scenes that happen in a given day,” explains Jose Berrios, postproduction supervisor for Park Slope Productions, “and you may have five or six producers watching that footage simultaneously. Everything has to be synced.” Before EVO, says Berrios, producers and editors had to e-mail each other to inquire about certain pieces of footage, and it was easy to lose track. With EVO, he says, editors can simultaneously work on different aspects of footage and see the most current version at any time.