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Panasonic Announces Accessories for New 7-Series Plasma Family

Panasonic Broadcast

announced that its new 7-Series plasma family is ready to operate in virtually any interactive, AV or PC environment, thanks to an extensive array of accessories. The seventh-generation 7-Series professional plasmas–consisting of the 65″ TH-65PHD7UY, 50″ TH-50PHD7UY and 42″ TH-42PHD7UY high-definition, and the 42″ TH-42PWD7UY and 37″ TH-37PWD7UY standard-definition models–feature interchangeable rear slots that allow the user to add different combinations of optional terminal boards.

New boards and accessories available include wireless presentation, SDI, HD-SDI, and HDMI boards; a CAT5e receiver board and transmitter; an IP-based content delivery and scheduling system; and interactive browsing and authoring software.

The new TY-FB7WPU Wireless Presentation Board allows wireless connection (IEEE 802.11b compliant) of a 7-Series plasma display and a PC. The board can display images from four PCs simultaneously, and facilitates control of the plasma displays with a web browser. It is available in December at a suggested list price of $550.

The TY-FB7SD SDI and TY-FB7HD HD-SDI boards provide full, clean serial digital video transmission and viewing on a plasma. The TY-FB7HD HD-SDI also supports HDTV. Available in November, the TY-FB7SD SDI and TY-FB7HD HD-SDI have suggested list prices of $550 and $1,450, respectively.

The TY-FB7HM High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) Board allows a single cable to carry uncompressed 1080i or 720p video and uncompressed multi-channel audio from a HDMI-compatible digital device to a 7-Series plasma. The TY-FB7HM is available in December at a suggested list price of $145.

The KE0101CRBW Twisted-Pair-Cable Receiver Board and KE0202CT2W transmitter make it possible, using a single CAT5e cable, to simultaneously receive an XGA-quality video signal (RGB, component or composite), audio signal and the PDP control signal from a device up to 492 feet away. This reduces the cost and setup time compared with a conventional BNC cable connection. The KE0101CRBW and KE0202CT2W are available at suggested list prices of $850 and $995, respectively.

The BB-S700PD Media Player plug-in board and the BB-SMG700 Media Server software application comprise an all-in-one solution that features network management, media distribution, and individual (or group of plasmas) schedule creation as well as local- or remotely-controlled playback, data encryption and terminal (Media Player) management, to build a fully-networked server-to-plasma content play-out system. With the Media Server software installed, a single Windows XP Professional PC can manage content play-out on up to 100 plasma displays. Because each plasma has its own unique IP address, the Panasonic system offers great flexibility for operators to program individual playback schedules, including start time, end time and the number of cycles that specific content plays, making it practical to build exciting multimedia advertising systems. The BB-S700PD board and the BB-SMG700 Media Server are available at suggested list prices of $1,550 and $1,950, respectively.

For digital signage applications, the PLUG-VC250XS is a plug-in computer with SCALA InfoChannel Player 3 software pre-installed to provide a turnkey solution.

This turnkey solution teams the new 42″, 50″ and 65″ 7-Series plasmas, the PLUG-VC205XS “computer on a board” and SCALA’s InfoChannel Player 3 software for 24/7 playback on local or remote displays. Eliminating the cumbersome requirement of additional hardware, the PLUG-VC250XS is equipped with a Pentium-M 900MHz CPU, 256MB RAM memory, 30 GB Hard Drive and network interfaces including two PCMCIA slots, two USB ports, a serial control port and an Ethernet LAN port. The PLUG-VC250XS is available at a suggested list price of $3,200.

Panasonic also announced an interactive software application that combines the Innotive-Author software for authoring, the Innotive-Browser for quick viewing of gigabits of information, and Panasonic touch-panel 42″ and 50″ plasmas to provide powerful interactive capabilities for a wealth of professional applications (see separate press release).

Other available options include Touch Panels that allow the user to write directly onto the screen, detachable stereo speakers, and a full range of stands and mounts including pedestal, wall, mobile stands, and wall-hanging and ceiling-hanging brackets.

The new 7-Series family boasts Panasonic’s phenomenal image quality, high contrast (4000:1 on SD models and 3000:1 on HD units) and multi-slot functionality, plus incorporates significant improvements in peak brightness, displayable colors, service life, multi-screen capabilities and customization options