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Pakistani Artist Shahzia Sikander Lights Up Times Square

Journalist Raza Rumi writes in Huffington Post, “This October, the electronic billboards at the maddening Times Square in New York City will display the creative prowess of Shahzia Sikander, an artist of Pakistani descent who lives and works in NYC. Public art involves space, memory and an aesthetic that travels beyond studios and carefully curated museum ethers. It is also a vehicle whereby an artist speaks to, absorbs the milieu, and even reinvents it…Those unfamiliar with the South Asian iconography would wonder what is a ‘Gopi’ and why should it find space at the heart of a megapolis. The gopis are the female devotees of the Hindu god Krishna and have been a recurring visual trope in Sikander’s work. Krishna is viewed as a divine expression of preserver of cosmos by the Hindus.”

Later the article goes on to say, “In an interview, Sikander tells me that her work finding a public arena as an exhibition hall ‘feels outrageously good.’ She is immensely pleased that the high-tech (and perhaps high cost too) LED panels in Times Square give a new exemplification to her digital animations. ‘I have been projecting my digital animations on buildings and trees. But to have them be part of Times Square’s digital history is astounding’, Sikander ecstatically adds.