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Outpost Alters Perceptions for ‘My Beautiful Broken Brain’

The Netflix original film My Beautiful Broken Brain follows Lotje Sodderland as she explores the complexity, fragility and wonder of her own brain following a life-changing stroke. For the film to re-create Sodderland’s new reality in which her sensory perception had changed and words held no meaning, Sodderland and co-director Sophie Robinson incorporated more than 110 visual effects shots, all created by Outpost VFX and supervised by Elena Estevez Santos.

The team developed two different looks to represent Sodderland’s perception after the stroke: one that was colorful, timeless and surreal, and another that was nightmarish, ghostly and scary. Most of the colorful shots included fantastic elements—including melting clocks, metamorphosis in the shadows, drawings that come alive, warpings, and deformed faces—to demonstrate Sodderland’s shifting perceptions.

My Beautiful Broken Brain from Outpost VFX on Vimeo.