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Osprey Chooses Fiilex LED for Presidential Campaign Trail

Osprey Production Group has abundant experience working in the demanding field of campaign production. Lee Dashiell, director of photography at Osprey Production Group, has been preparing for Marco Rubio’s 2016 bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Dashiell has chosen Fiilex LED lights because of their consistency and flexibility.

One of the challenges of campaign production is accommodating all the different cameras shooting an event. Dashiell says that Fiilex lights allow fantastic recordings no matter the device, whether it’s a broadcast camera or a cell phone.

Another campaign challenge is the constant travel. While reminiscing about past campaign productions, Dashiell acknowledged the difficulty maintaining a dependable lighting source. Moving state to state requires a product that travels easily and produces consistent lighting in each new location. In the past, he had rented lighting and camera packages, but each time the camera package would include a different light. On top of that, even the age of the bulb could skew the results.

He began to consider what production variables he could control and started looking for a light that would produce consistent high quality with every type of camera and in any shooting situation. “All the testing we did with Fiilex showed it worked in every environment we could place it in.”

Dashiell adds, “When I first found Fiilex and started with P360EX, the light is so small that people thought I was crazy. I always told them, ‘Wait until I turn them on.'”