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Original Moon Landing Tapes — Erased

NASA unveils $230,000 project to upgrade the patchwork quilt of what’s left.  

By Carolyn Giardina & Ira Teinowitz

years ago  — on July 20, 1969 – audiences watched in awe as Apollo 11
landed on the moon. The historic moment was captured at the time on
high quality tapes, along with Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the
lunar surface and the planting of the American flag.

tapes, however, no longer exist. NASA admitted at a press conference on
Thursday in Washington that the tapes have been lost or recorded over
— or, as NASA called it, “degaussed.”

Richard Nafzger, a NASA engineer who put the original video procedures
together and now is in charge of projects like the space shuttle, said
a NASA team had looked high and low for the original tapes but had been
unable to find them.

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