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One Week with the Sony FS7

News Shooter’s Dan Chung has spent a week out in the field with the Sony FS7 and writes of his experiences particularly focusing on whether the new camera can replace the Canon C300 for him.

He writes, “So has this camera won me over from the C300? Well actually yes, so far – with the exception of the waveform/histogram issue which I assume Sony will solve. I need to test more but at this point I’m confident that it will replace the C300 (and possibly my F5 too) as a daily workhorse. Ergonomically it bests the C300 and it suits my style of shooting. It has the 4K option but, just as important for me, it has all the flavors of HD that I need including good old MPEG. Slow motion is a big deal too. I still prefer Canon colors out of the box – but the FS7 produces some nice looking images that I’m pretty happy with.”

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