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One-Take Wonder: BBC One’s ‘Casualty’ Finale

"We want to reflect the front line in its unedited, rawest form."

For the finale of BBC One’s medical series


, the production team designed an entire episode, titled “One,” to occur in one continuous shot.


‘s 48-minute long single shot is by some distance the longest ever attempted on British television and is notable for one other aspect too,”

explains Andy Stout

. “While many single-take films have kept the cast list down in an attempt to keep things simple, focusing very much on the actions of the main protagonists,


threw the entire kitchen sink at this one: full cast, multiple locations, explosions.”

To read more about the episode’s production,

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. To watch a BBC “making of” video about the episode,

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Before the episode was shot, Erika Hossington, the series producer, predicted, “It will be an intense, emotional hour where staff and patients are faced with life-changing events. We want to reflect the front line in its unedited, rawest form.”

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