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One Fine Day Brings the Blues for ‘Bessie’ Promo

One Fine Day created the evocative promo for HBO’s original film Bessie, which features Queen Latifah as legendary blues singer Bessie Smith.

The sequence follows feathers gently falling in an empty theater, where a feather boa lays wrapped around an antique microphone. Gwen Sarnoff, executive producer, HBO Marketing/Creative Services, says that the promo “reflects the deeper themes of Bessie—where what’s beautiful or glamorous at first glance is not so beautiful as you look closer.”

One Fine Day visual effects director Chris Haak says of the shoot, “We wanted to capture the fine-scale, fluid-like undulations that occurred within the feathers, but also to see the larger-scale, aerodynamic motion of the feather as it moved through space. In the end, we struck a balance, shooting around 500 to 700 fps for most shots.”

Bessie from One Fine Day on Vimeo.