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Olivier Assayas’s Ghost Story ‘Personal Shopper’ Is Really About the Modern Struggle of Materialism vs. Spirituality

In Olivier Assayas’s

Personal Shopper

, Kristen Stewart plays Maureen, a celebrity personal shopper who starts getting what she believes are messages from the beyond from her dead twin brother.

To put it as simply as I can, I wanted to make a movie about the tension in modern societies between the stupid jobs a lot of people do and their spiritual longings,” Assayas tells


. “I think that the modern world is giving a lot of space to the material world by being such a consumer society, and with jobs that are increasingly weird, defined by new areas of the economy. We feel so much like pawns in the material world, which does not really respect our own spiritual longings, and I think we all in one way or another have to create our alternative to the material world. There is not so much religion around, so it has to be defined in other ways in terms of our relationship to art, to whatever, it’s all one in the same thing. So I wanted to create a character that would embody that tension, and then it evolved into something different and expanded.”

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