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‘Oklahoma City’ Filmmaker Hopes Documentary Will Help Provide Context to Today’s Political Landscape

Barak Goodman’s new American Experience documentary Oklahoma City re-examines the motives and aftermath of American soldier Timothy McVeigh’s 1995 bombing of a federal building that killed 168 people.

“My hope is that our film will open people’s eyes to this very deeply-held grievance against the federal government that unites a lot of people and keeps reappearing periodically through American history,” Goodman tells NPR. “And it has these moments where it bursts into our consciousness, and I think Oklahoma City was such a movement. Whether that’s happening now I think we’ll only know in hindsight. I do think that people looking out today will benefit from understanding the dynamics of what happened in the mid-’90s. And they can apply that knowledge and that deeper understanding to what’s happening now and make their own judgments.”

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