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‘October Gale’ Director on Taking Advantage of Harrowing Weather Conditions

Writer/director Ruba Nadda talks to Moveable Fest about her character-driven thriller October Gale and how she made the remote location and difficult weather conditions work for her shoot.

She says, “I wrote the script not realizing that we would actually be in the worst winter in 100 years. It was crazy. It was so cold. The lake was so dense [with ice] until two days before we were supposed to shoot on it. So at some point, I said, listen, we might as well make this work for us because we were having rain storms every single day and because it’s an independent movie to make it look as authentic as possible, we decided to shoot in the storm. When we saw storms coming, we’d drop everything we were doing and go outside and capture it, capture the fog and thunder and rain and lightning. It worked out for us because that would’ve been incredibly expensive for us to do in post and not as effective.”

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