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NYC ACM SIGGRAPH Presents Trends in Gaming Panel

NYC ACM SIGGRAPH Presents Trends in Gaming: Exploring the evolutionof digital gaming from different industry perspectives.

Thursday, September 26, 2002 6:30PM – 9:00PM Katie MurphyAmphitheater FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) 7th Avenue and 27thStreet, NYC

NYC ACM SIGGRAPH, in collaboration with the NY Chapter of theInternational Games Developer Association (IGDA) is proud to present apanel discussion on the evolution of digital gaming. This meeting willfeature distinguished computer, video and wireless game industryleaders from the areas of development and publishing, retail andmedia.

The panelists will discuss the evolution of games, highlight trendsthey have witnessed throughout their careers, and offer opinions onwhat’s ahead for the gaming industry. Both students and professionalswill gain valuable knowledge and insights into the game industry, it’sfuture growth, and consumer expectations for game products to inspirethe design and creation of innovative games.

The range of topics includes trends in:

Game genre

Game platforms

Consumers – demographics and expectations



Game distribution

Comparative cultural trends between US, Asia and Europe

Moderator: Anne-Marie Huurre – Founder/President, Women WiseSoftware


Eric Zimmerman – President, gameLab

Greg Costikyan – Independent game designer

Hal Halpin – President, Interactive Entertainment MerchantsAssociation (IEMA)

Robbie Faser – Independent Journalist and Industry Analyst

Seth Rosenfeld – Producer, NewKidCo

This event is free for NYC ACM SIGGRAPH and NYC IGDA (aka TheGamoids) members. The admission for non-chapter members is $7.00; fornon-member students it’s $3.00. It is also free to all FIT students,faculty, and staff.