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NVIDIA Enables the 6K Post Workflow of ‘Gone Girl’

David Fincher's film is the first to be shot entirely in 6K.

David Fincher’s Gone Girl is the first feature film to be shot entirely in 6K (with the RED Epic Dragon) and the first studio feature film to be entirely edited on Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It was also the first to use NVIDIA’s new Quadro K5200 GPU—which has double the memory and 30% faster performance than its predecessor—in its workflow.

Though the film was shot in 6K, it was reframed for 5K. “Shooting in 6K, we had a large amount of RED media content to be converted and reviewed,” post engineer Jeff Brue says in a NVIDIA case study. “This, combined with a need for an ability during editorial for every shot to be reframed, posed a unique challenge.” The NVIDIA GPU technology was used to convert the footage to DPX at “blazingly fast” speeds, according to Brue.

“The NVIDIA Quadro 5200 was extremely performant in the production by allowing the playback and real time downscaling of 6K to 4K—something that was crucial to ensuring the best post production experience,” Brue says. “I don’t know how we’d be doing any of this without NVIDIA GPUs. Well, actually I do know; it wouldn’t be with anything less than a 50-node render farm.”