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No Static A/V Records Hollywood Events with HyperDeck Shuttle

Brian Dickson, director of video production at systems integrator No Static Pro Audio, incorporated Blackmagic Design products, including the HyperDeck Shuttle SSD recorder, into flypacks that he customizes based on the requirements of specific projects.

For the 2016 Golden Globes Facebook party, Dickson and his team were positioned at the end of a runway at Facebook’s booth. Stars would arrive and answer questions, while Facebook videographers shot 360° video in real time for the web site. “The HyperDeck Shuttle captured all camera feeds. The editor then pulled the footage off the SSDs, did a slight edit and uploaded that directly,” Dickson explains. “The videos were embedded with audio into a 360° video that was put on the Golden Globes official Facebook page.”

A similar setup had the HyperDeck Shuttle recording an ISO feed at the 2016 Critics Choice Awards pre-show red carpet event. The clips were edited directly from the SSDs and played back on LED displays in the Critics Choice theater and main tent.

At a charity event for recording artist and producer’s Foundation, event organizers wanted zero-latency video feeds for the projectors. Dickson used various Blackmagic ATEMs for the switching and HyperDecks for recording.

Dickson adds, “The HyperDecks are really flexible. I can plug one in, see the red light that shows it has a signal and trust it. It has never failed me. I bring them everywhere, and I use them anytime I’m recording feeds.”