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Nikon D810 vs. Canon 5D Mark III

In the below video, The Slanted Lens’ Jay P. Morgan does a camera comparison between the Canon 5D Mark III and the new Nikon D810.

He says, “This camera really is a competitor to the Mark III. It eclipses the Mark III in a number of ways.” But he also writes, “Nikon has a full frame sensor and has a great ISO, but sometimes you get a jell-o look to the footage. The reality is that if I have invested a lot of time and money into Canon equipment, I am not going to jump over to Nikon just because of this camera. Canon will probably have something else that beats the D810 soon. However, if I already have a lot of Nikon cameras and lenses, or for a newer photographer just starting out, this is a really good camera, and it is worth looking at.”

Watch below and read more here.