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Nick Cobby Animates Complex Mathematical Concepts for Music Video

Nick Cobby animates and directs the music video for Max Cooper and Tom Hodge’s “Remnants,” which “deals with the idea of the mental, physical, and mathematical worlds, and how they are linked by the idea that the mind ultimately contains everything we have developed to know as a human race.”

Cobby explains to The Creators Project, “With this video, I knew I wanted to explore the idea of the mind, and how that could be created with generative processes. The colourful topographic environments that span the middle part of the video are generated using 2D animations created in After Effects, which were then incorporated as image sequences into Cinema 4D. A ‘hair’ vertex was then generated for every pixel of colour within that animation. The length of each hair was dependant on the brightness of the colour, and so by controlling the brightness, we generate a set of height values that change over time, basically like a moving 3D painting.”

Watch below and read the full story here.