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Nicholas Wrathall Creates ‘Entertaining’ Documentary About Gore Vidal

Pacific Standard‘s Tim Scheinman reviews Nicholas Wrathall’s new documentary, Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia.

Writes Scheinman that the film “offers an entertaining, almost entirely votive biography of the man, generously peppered with five decades of him being fabulous on television. Viewers unfamiliar with Vidal’s seductive intellect will likely be taken in—his half-performed egotism was rarely less than winsome, if you lived anywhere near his political camp—and those who have already plundered YouTube’s Vidalian offerings will find here plenty of new (or forgotten) footage of the man in his element. Critics will keep arguing whether his principal achievements were the novels or the essays, but Vidal’s greatest stock-in-trade was being Gore Vidal. The film would likely tickle his ego, but as a critic and enemy of cant, Vidal might well despise the dewy lens through which the audience is invited to view his life.”

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