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Nexto DI NSB-25 Simplifies Storage for Director/DP

For years I wanted something small that I could dump media onto from any camera, a solution able to back up the footage to drives with built-in RAID, and with a screen for playback. Nexto DI’s Storage Bridge NSB-25, a modular memory card backup system, is capable of doing that and much more on set with the many features it offers.

It supports a wide variety of memory cards, so I can back cards up to the device no matter what camera I shoot on. I never have to worry about copying to different hard drives on a computer because the NSB-25 can back up to three drives simultaneously. If I want to play back a shot, I can watch it on the built-in display or attach a monitor to the device to see the shot on a regular size screen. I can also watch a 2K playback and even transcode 4K.

That said, the NSB-25’s best feature is its simplicity. There are three buttons, and everything else is controlled by the touchscreen. If I run into any problems when transferring media, it’s reported in the log files, which is helpful when troubleshooting to see where errors were made.

The NSB-25 is a wonderful device due to its portability and simplicity. I would definitely recommend it.

Obin Olson is a director and cinematographer who is currently finishing work on Shadow, his third feature film.