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Next|Enterprise Media at Next|Video Expo

The Next|Enterprise Media conference track at Next|Video Conference + Expo focuses on content creation strategies and unique issues related to the production of corporate video.

The ”new normal” in corporate media relations is use of the video medium as a primary method of communication.  Video rates high in user impact and engagement, and companies are scrambling to find effective solutions for producing and disseminating video content.  The Next|Enterprise Media conference track at Next|Video Conference + Expo focuses on content creation strategies and unique issues related to the production of corporate video.    

Who should attend?

-Directors/Managers of Corporate Media

-Advertising/Marketing/PR Firms with corporate clients

The Next|Video Conference + Expo is taking place October 1-3, 2014 at the Pasadena Convention Center. Register here.

Schedule for the Next|Enterprise Media conference track

Wed, Oct 1

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Reducing Complexities in Content Delivery

Chris Knowlton,VP, Streaming Industry Evangelist, Wowza Media Systems

Streaming video is a powerful and cost-effective way to improve marketing communications and build brand awareness. Streaming can be used to webcast meetings, record and distribute webinars and share online videos with customers and prospects. But challenges abound: How do you to incorporate streaming into your infrastructure? How do you stream to mobile devices? How do you reach more people and with higher quality streams? Learn how to multi-cast content to any workplace desktop, deliver adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming to mobile devices and stream external-facing live and on-demand video. You will also learn about scalable distribution options, the pros and cons of multi-cast vs. HTTP streaming, and have a chance to ask your streaming deployment questions.

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Bringing the ‘Real’ to Your Corporate Reel

Brian Krow, Director, Creative Services & Jesse Negron, LMT

In a sea of endless boring corporate videos showing a company’s products and service offerings, how do you convey to potential clients that you are not just another soul-less, culture-free company with mediocre value? One of the core fundamentals in effective visual communications is connecting with your customers on a human level. By outlining our branding approach (Clarify, Simplify, Amplify), we will share the most important step in finding out how to find the hidden value within a company. We will show you how to develop storyboards in order to make a company reel effective, and more importantly, emotionally impressionable to your potential clients. Finally, we will explain the C.O.P.E  (Create Once Publish Everywhere) process: How to get this material to outlets immediately (websites, social media channels, direct email, etc.) in order to capitalize on your marketing efforts.

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

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1:00 PM – 3:00 PM 

KEYNOTE LUNCHEON: Going Digital with PBS

Matt Graham, Director of Content Development, PBS

Founded in 2012, PBS Digital Studios has redefined what it means to be a network in today’s connected world. Not only did its Mr. Roger’s autotone go viral, it also debuted 15 original series on its Youtube channel, won seven Webby awards last year and can boast that PBS Kids has been the No. 1 site in kids video for the last 17 months. In this presentation, you will hear how the company changed its own culture to usher in constant evolution. Constantly staying at the forefront of consumer viewing habits, PBS has learned that things like creating a Roku app and increasing its presence on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have become necessary as today’s viewers demand convenient access as well as both the national and local experiences that they have come to expect from PBS.  Learn how you can create a culture of innovation within your own organization.

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Enhanced Online Visibility: Creating Engageable Content

Hugh Malay, Executive Producer, Monarch TV

How do you effectively engage visitors who visit a company website? How can you maximize Facebook posts? How can you increase the open rate on email marketing campaigns? How can you improve SEO rankings with YouTube posts? The answer to all of the above: video! Learn how to create “engageable” video content for the countless digital platforms that exist, and see how that can directly affect marketing effectiveness.

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

It’s a YouTube World: Improving the Online Video Experience

Tom Wilde, CEO, RAMP

The rise of social media and video sharing has created challenges and opportunities, and next-gen video creation is a way for enterprise businesses to deliver improved viewer experiences. Using end-to-end online video platforms to host, stream and deliver video to digital properties can greatly expand reach. We will share strategies for making the most of a “YouTube” environment, such as how to leverage video to create more captivating opportunities. Learn how Citibank, Thomson Reuters, and Janssen Pharmaceuticals are now offering a better viewer experience. This presentation will equip you with a game plan to build a next-gen video infrastructure to ensure video content can be more actionable and valuable across the company.

Thurs, Oct 2nd

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Make Content That Resonates and Multi-Purpose It

Max Kaiser, Founder/Director, Hand Crank Films

In years past, “going viral” was considered the Holy Grail of online video success. Today, it’s not enough. As the popularity of video sharing grows and today’s hyper-connected consumers become ever more discriminating, brands need to work harder to be heard. Attend this session and hear how to elevate your brand with emotional messaging that resonates with consumers and gains followers. See how high-quality video production can be “thin-sliced” to fit multiple media needs, from print to social to broadcast TV. Hear how we’ve racked up over a million hits and garnered a CNN broadcast devoted to our client’s topic, all based on the ability to “ride the wave” of social and trending topics with well-timed video releases.

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Live Webinars: How to Leverage Your Brand and Measure Your Results

David Gibbons, VP, Marketing, Ustream

Live video is coming of age as a means for business communications. We will showcase the simplicity of integrating real-time video into business applications to increase brand awareness, productivity and revenue. With some simple tips and tricks, we will demonstrate how live video can be a cost-effective solution to reach audiences, no matter where they are. Find out how to better engage with internal and external constituents. Learn how to use live video to broaden their reach in a cost effective way. Explore ways to measure ROI and success through viewership, lead generation, social engagement, and social commerce.

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Digital Storytelling: How to Find an Authentic Voice

Robin Smith, Producer, Health and Harmony Media

This presentation focuses on the power of capturing and producing stories that spotlight the effectiveness of an organization, either corporate or nonprofit. How do you find these stories? How do you conduct interviews for maximum effectiveness? What makes a good story? Organizational stories connect with customers and clients; they are effective, secret weapons for building trust and creating an authentic voice from the inside out. Learn how to develop an effective script outline early in pre-production that incorporates the client’s key messages and serves as the road map for production.

3:00 – 4:00 PM

How Interactive Video Can Drive ROI

Randall Whiting, CEO, Vizigy Media Technologies

This presentation will shed light on how interactive video can significantly enhance the performance of video in terms of key business metrics such as lead generation, online sales, skills development, and product knowledge.  Randall will present a roadmap for developing and implementing interactive video features and capabilities to achieve business metrics as well as outlining key challenges and ways to overcome them.


Bring your problems and challenges to a series of roundtable discussions on current technology and business issues. Have a few drinks, make new business connections, and walk away with solutions!

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