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Next Media Animation Increases Output with Qube!

When Next Media Animation debuted its TomoNews videos, the Internet took notice. This studio in Taiwan is able to quickly produce videos of news highlights (bear attacks, dogs driving cars, Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s substance abuse troubles, and many more), animate them for comic effect and publish them online before the news topic falls off trending lists.

Kenneth Chan, MIS lead system engineer at Next Media Animation, says the company has two production lines going around the clock. “Order brings speed, and in the news game, you need to react quickly if you want them to tune in.” With 170 render-ready computers on site, NMA artists found efficiency with the cluster feature of PipelineFX Qube!, a job and rights controller. When enabled, clusters assign a guaranteed number of workers to a specific artist, ensuring that they’ll always have a pool of computing power. Users are also able to share resources with co-workers so they can maximize their render queue as it becomes more demanding.