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The Next Installment of ‘Star Wars’ Might Come with Real Holograms

Holograms have been associated with Star Wars since Princess Leiaasked for Obi-Wan’s help back in Episode IV. So it seems only fitting that the upcoming installment of the movie franchise might very well come with its own augmented reality experience.

ILMxLab presented Holo-Cinema at the Sundance New Frontiers exhibit last week, showing off an AR experience that allows viewers to interact with holographic versions of BB-8 and C-3PO.

“What we’re experimenting with and planning around is to actually give you more of what could be happening in the convergence of that story,” creative director John Gaeta tells Engadget. “What happened just before. What happens just after. What’s happening around the boundaries. … Without getting too into ‘Choose your own adventure’ and going into crazy multi-branching, what we’re trying to do is show you that, in this moment in time, in this space that you happen to be standing in, there are things still going on around the periphery of the story for you to find. And if you wanna go free, you can do that, too.”