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New York’s Public Art Fund Presents a ‘Commercial Break’ of Video Art Throughout the City

New York’s Public Art Fund has commissioned 23 artists to create platform-specific pieces of video art for their new city-wide exhibit

Commercial Break

. These interruptions will appear 

within the advertising cycles of some of New York City’s most highly visible and technically advanced digital screens. These include a large billboard in Times Square; Barclays Center’s “Oculus,” a 360-degree LED marquee in Prospect Heights; 19 digital screens at Westfield World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan; hundreds of LinkNYC’s Link kiosks in all five boroughs; and

, where the work will be embedded as a pop-up “ad.”

“As the title of the exhibition suggests, we’re literally breaking the commercial, the advertising cycle,” said co-creator Emma Enderby, as reported by Artnet. “Screens are a very invasive part of our urban centers, they’re at street level, they’re above us they’re very much in our public spheres, but also in our private sphere, where we walk around with screens and advertisements in our pocket.”

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. One example of the work, from artist Jacolby Satterwhite, can be found below.