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New York Knicks Score with Sony FS7

Tom Zweibel, digital video producer for the New York Knicks, shoots about 12 to 14 hours of video every week, a combination of pregame interviews, press conferences, shoot-arounds and Knicks promotional pieces, as well as all game footage at home and on the road. He relies on Sony’s PXW-FS7 to get it done.

Zweibel cites the camera’s mobility, frame rate options for slow motion and other effects, its image quality and the edit-friendly XAVC-I codec. “One of the big reasons I chose the FS7 is that my camera has to be versatile. It has to do multiple things and wear different hats, and it does all that. I throw an ENG lens on it and I can shoot incredible game highlights. Then I’ll pop that off and put on a nice fast wide angle, and it becomes a whole other camera using different parts of the sensor. I’m very happy with its versatility.

“With the FS7, the ability to go up to 180 frames in HD and up to 60p in 4K is huge,” Zweibel adds. “I didn’t want to be limited to 30p if I wanted to shoot 4K.

“With this image quality and recording flexibility, I’m able to get certain shots I might not otherwise get, like players warming up in the tunnel just as they’re about to run out to the court,” he says. “It really lets me do documentary-style shooting, following the team around everywhere they go.”