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New Wedding Video Site Enables Videographers to Stream Their Videos Online

A new service from

enables videographers to stream wedding videos for their customers by mailing their media to Viddia. The videographer’s customer is then given a password protected website that they can share with friends and family by sending out email viewing invitations.

While many videographers have made samples of their work available on the Internet, the task of putting each and every video they do online is time consuming and cost prohibitive.’s partnership program aims to reduce the effort and costs associated with encoding video, hosting the video, and supporting the viewers.

To use the service, videographers drop an edited wedding DVD in a pre-paid and pre-addressed envelope that the company provides. The videographer and the bride are both notified via email when the video is available online, which is usually within a few business days.

The bride and groom are then given a password protected website for viewing their wedding video. They have the ability to send out emails to friends and family that link directly to their video viewing site.’s program allows videographers to advertise their services to the friends and family of their customers; a key source of referral business for many videographers. Additionally, viewers can purchase extra copies of the DVD directly from the Viddia website.

Since launching a beta version of the service in mid November, the company has since partnered with over one hundred professional videographers and is quickly growing that number.