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New Tech and Increased Demand Drives Uptick in Drone Market

The broadcast industry has made a very rapid change with the swift advent of new drone technology and hardware, both of which are driving the business right now.

The global UAV/drone market continues to change dramatically as a result of two core drivers: New technologies that deliver high performance drone/UAV capabilities at a wide range of price points, and the increased demand for UAV/drones from entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, consumers, and professional users.

There is tremendous potential for UAV/drones to help professionals generate new sources of revenue in myriad vertical markets, such as the broadcast and commercial production arenas, and as a new creative and cost-efficient platform for video capture and production.

For broadcast applications, UAV/drones deliver a significant breakthrough in news gathering capabilities. One conventional ENG vehicle can be replaced by several UAV/drones equipped with HD cameras and real-time transmission solutions enabling multiple news crews in conventional automobiles—even compact cars—to dramatically increase a news coverage.

Ram Ofir

For movie and commercial video production, shots can be accomplished almost anywhere without the need to deploy expensive and bulky camera support equipment—and UAV/drones can be used in remote or difficult locations where traditional camera support devices simply can’t be deployed.

The possibilities are almost limitless and open up a whole new world of creative opportunities. 

Ram Ofir is the President & CEO of Amimon.