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The New Reality For Reality TV

Dancing with the Stars aside, the Nielsen charts are no longer dominated by reality hits the way they once were.

In fact, thus far this season the ABC pro-am competition is the only
unscripted show  to land in the top 10, a grouping littered instead with
CBS procedurals like NCIS and Criminal Minds.  

But as the broadcast networks continue to take swings (

Undercover Boss

is the closest a network has come in awhile) and cable loads up on (the not so) reality, we turned to

reality vets and Zoo Productions founders  Barry Poznick and John Stevens

, better known as the masterminds of one-time Fox hit

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? 

pair talked shrinking budgets (hint: those $1 million episodes are a
thing of the past), sharing costs and what it takes to get a reality
show green-lit today.

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