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New Realities at RED: Interview With Jarred Land

Jon Fauer, ASC conducted a long interview with RED Digital Cinema’s president, Jarred Land for Film & Digital Times.

On the early resistance by engineers who said the RED One wouldn’t be possible, Land recalls, “That’s the reason we never really had normal engineers at the beginning. There was a lot of ‘no’ coming from consulting engineers but we didn’t pay much attention to them. We had enough people who had enough knowledge and the right amount of passion to push past the boundaries.”

On the future of the company, Land explains, “At NAB, we announced the 8K Weapon. The body is a little bit smaller than an Epic Dragon.

“It has a full-frame VistaVision size sensor with 8K resolution. It’s a perfect balance between pixel size and lens size. You can use all the Full Frame still lenses out there—and there are a lot of them—along with some old VistaVision lenses. So you can actually get glass for your camera instead of going all the way up to a 65mm or 70mm sensor, where you really don’t have many options other than medium format lenses.”