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New Exhibit in Berlin Encompasses a World of Post-Internet Art

The new Julia Stoschek Collection exhibit in Berlin, titled Welt Am Draht (World on a Wire), gathers together 38 pieces of video, photographic, and live performance art from a variety of artists that represent art collector Stoschek’s focus on “post-Internet time-based media art.”

“Since Gutenburg invented the book press there hasn’t been a more radical social or cultural change in history — the digitization of the internet,” Stoschek tells CNN. “In the digital age, full of generated images, the task of art has changed so radically. So the function of art is not mainly to create new images but to seek reflection. And I think post-internet art is doing that in a very special way. What I really tried to do with the collection is to create an image of the social and cultural conditions of the [digital native] generation. That’s the reason why I collect contemporary art, especially time-based media and now post-internet art.”