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×’s Smart Technology Supports Diesel’s ‘Be Stupid’ Campaign

Oslo, Norway — Leading interactive technology provider announced it recently joined forces with systems integrator Comtech Experience A/S to power an edgy and innovative guerilla advertising campaign promoting Diesel clothing in Denmark. Part of Diesel’s current international branding push, the 14-day spring campaign used interactive technology with Facebook and digital-out-of-home (DOOH) displays to enable anyone with a mobile phone to “Be Stupid” before a wide audience.

“Diesel took advantage of the multiplatform nature of the publishing experience to blaze a trail in showing how mobile interactive technology makes digital signage alive, relevant, and truly eye-catching,” said Karsten Solaas, Comtech’s managing director. “The technical execution was perfect, and Diesel has been so delighted with the campaign’s success that they continue to showcase it.”’s Interactivity Suite powers communication between mobile phones and video displays. For the “Be Stupid” campaign, it worked in the background to enable mobile phone users to send photo messages to a short code number for inclusion in a constantly changing mosaic on Facebook, on 8×6-meter projections on buildings in downtown Copenhagen, and on digital signs in Diesel stores in Copenhagen and Aarhus. Because of’s powerful software, the mobile messages could be uploaded and displayed within 12 seconds or less. The images were then stored on Facebook for tagging or viral sharing by other means.

Working closely with Diesel and, Comtech Experience A/S pulled the campaign together with only two weeks lead time. Challenges included Facebook’s restriction of uploads to 10 at once, so that Comtech had to provide continual real-time message moderation.

The Interactivity Suite enables audience participation by modifying the video stream based on live content submissions, either by mobile phone or by computer. In the realm of digital signage, technology allows advertisers to target consumers with individualized offers and to glean detailed marketing information at the same time. For example, it might enable an advertiser to deliver a barcode for a limited-time discount to a mobile phone at the point of sale, or to engage consumers with games and contests.

“Cutting-edge advertisers like Diesel are becoming increasingly excited about the potential of mobile phone interactivity in combination with DOOH,” said Lars Lauritzsen, CEO. “Like us, they recognize the multiple benefits, including buzz and instant customer feedback that interactive participation generates. A successful, high-profile campaign like Diesel’s in Denmark is an ideal demonstration of the technology’s effectiveness.”

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