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On July 20, 2008, KNTV started its broadcast in HD, but upon the switch to HD, most of the field reporting were still in 4:3 standard definition for about a year. After the switch, the master control center and local commercial insertion for KNTV and KSTS were located at NBC Universal’s West Coast headquarters in Burbank, California until mid-2009 when KNTV upgraded its master control center in order for the videos to be shot in HD. (Its sister station, KNSD, is the only station that currently uses the master control center in Burbank.) In addition, weather graphics were still in pillarboxed 4:3 standard definition until the introduction of new HD weather graphics on January 15, 2010, which debuted during the 5pm newscasts. As of June 2010, all of the field cameras are shot in HD, and as of August 2010, some field reports that are shot in HD are re-aired on NBC News programs when breaking news occurs.