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Nature and Imagination Fuel the Gorgeous Opening Titles of ‘Anne’

The sequence from Imaginary Forces is a lush and plucky introduction to Anne Shirley.

The opening title sequence for Netflix’s 


, the newest adaptation of L.M. Montgomery’s beloved book series

Anne of Green Gables

, is a lush and plucky introduction to Anne Shirley, the heroine that has been stealing hearts for over 100 years.


e knew she had to be in the natural world,” show creator Moira Walley-Beckett tells

Art of the Title

. “It was absolutely our clear directive and our vision. Anne’s environment and her interaction with the natural world, her experience with nature and the way that she is part of it and converses with it actively… this felt like the foundation of the piece.”

The other thing was the idea of imagination. It was the other theme that we felt penetrates her and penetrates the audience on her behalf,” adds producer Miranda de Pencier.

Imaginary Forces brought the titles to life. Watch the sequence below and read the full story



Anne Main Title from Imaginary Forces on Vimeo.