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Natalie Portman on Directing Herself for ‘A Tale of Love and Darkness’

A Tale of Love and Darkness is an adaptation of writer Amos Oz’s memoir about growing up in 1940s Israel as it moved toward statehood. Filmed mostly in Hebrew, the film is Israeli-born Natalie Portman’s directorial debut, who also stars in it as Oz’s mother.

“It’s easier to direct yourself,” she tells Signature. “You don’t have to put it into words. I can watch and understand what I want. When you are directing someone else, you have to figure out how to explain it in a way they understand and that helps them. And that isn’t insulting! You have to figure out the right thing to say and that can take time.”

“It’s hard to watch yourself,” she adds. “Sometimes I want to cover my eyes and not do another take, or I want to do fifteen takes because I’m just not happy with it. I’m more judgmental of myself than I am of other people. As an actor, you’re always creating a director’s vision. And I got to a point where I wanted it to be my vision and my ideas and my feelings and my way of seeing the world.”

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