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NAB Show’s Technology Summit on Cinema, April 6-7, Las Vegas

This year’s NAB Technology Summit on Cinema: Advances in Image and Sound, produced in partnership with SMPTE, will be taking place on April 6-7th. The summit will provide an in-depth global view of the new wave of technology coming soon to your local multiplex, with an eye toward how it might later affect the broader media ecosystem.

Hot topics this year will include the latest work on higher-frame-rate cinema – movies have been produced at 24 frames per second for nearly a century, but now prominent filmmakers have started producing new 3D releases in 48 or 60 fps. The TSC will include demonstrations of improved image quality, and discussion of technical and business issues for deployment at capture, post production and exhibition.  Other topics include:  perceptual requirements for higher quality image and sound, new technologies for exhibition, business models for alternative content, and an update on digital cinema roll-out worldwide.

You’ll hear from technology innovators, filmmakers, movie theater operators, manufactures and other experts encompassing the many perspectives of advancing the state of the art in cinema.

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