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‘MythBusters’ Conducts Experiments with Pocket Cinema Cameras

MythBusters, which has been in production for 13 years, is a show based around experimentation and the scientific method. Five days a week, we film experiments where we don’t know exactly what will happen—but whatever it is, it will only happen once. We use an arsenal of Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Cameras as our secondary cameras to capture the unpredictable.

Day to day, our Pocket Cinema Cameras find themselves in a variety of strange, tight and usually dangerous spaces. We could be setting off 800 pounds of explosives under a boat, firing an autonomous machine gun from the trunk of a car, building a lawnmower from hell, dueling with light sabers on the lava planet of Mustafar, or tearing through city streets in an automotive game of cat and mouse.

After years of rolling cameras and running for safety, we’ve built a wireless command center for our cameras. Using the Blackmagic Design MultiView 16 with the SmartView monitor and nine analog-to-SDI Mini Converters, we can wirelessly monitor nine of our Pocket Cinema Cameras. With the addition of a LANC-based wireless control system, we can monitor and roll each of our Pocket cameras from the safety of a blast bunker.

—Scott Sorensen, Director of Photography, MythBusters