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Mustache Agency Powers Production with ProMAX Platform

Mustache Agency creates web series and large-scale video campaigns, often deploying teams on location to cover events with intense delivery schedules. While researching setting up a shared storage network for the four edit bays at the studio, they learned that ProMAX Platform Studio also offered the ability to send editors and graphic artists on location to optimize workflows and meet fast project turnaround times.

Mustache selected a Platform Studio equipped with 32 TB of shared storage and added a Platform ARCHIVE Module and an LTO-5 tape system to provide long-term protection to media assets. The system went into use immediately for two of Tommy Hilfiger’s largest New York Fashion Week shows. The coverage required nine editors and artists to create five short films and a B-roll package within six hours of the live runway shows.

ProMAX Platform Studio Series

Will Bystrov, Mustache’s creative director, post production, says of Platform’s performance, “We used the server for the first time yesterday on one of the biggest fashion shows in New York Fashion Week. It was a total success. We ended up getting a lot more footage than we were expecting—meaning that we really couldn’t have done it without the server.”

The production workflow fit so well that within six months Mustache added a second Platform Studio to its creative arsenal to handle a campaign for Grey Goose.

Now Mustache brings Platform Studio on site, loading footage into the system as they shoot. Their editorial and graphic design teams immediately pull selects and begin creating content that’s completed by the following morning to blast to media outlets for online and social outreach.