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Music Video to be Shot Exclusively on Apple iPhone

Created by platinum Hip-Hop artist Paul Wall and featuring Travis Barker of Blink 182. 

Apple’s iPhone to be used in the shooting of a major music video production for rap artist Paul Wall and featuring Travis Barker of Blink 182. Director Amir Valinia pushes the limits in creating professional, high-end content using a simple video camera function found on a mobile phone.

Houston & Los Angeles — AV1 Productions and Gatecrasher Films are pleased to announce music video director Amir “Mr. V” Valinia will begin shooting a revolutionary music video entirely on the Apple iPhone for Hip-hop superstar Paul Wall for the recently released song, “I Need ‘Mo”. The video will also feature music icon Travis Barker of the supergroup Blink 182.

“This production will be the first of its kind”, says director Amir Valinia. “This is the first time a major music video with major artists will be shot exclusively using the Apple iPhone 3Gs as the camera. We wanted to do something that was more than just unique. We really wanted to push the envelope of what was technologically available to us, the consumer, today.”

Producer Ming Wang states “This is truly something special with what we’re doing. This is a music video that will be viewed all over the world, not just because of Paul Wall and Travis Barker, both huge international music stars. But the viral possibilities are unique because of the popularity of the Apple iPhone and the fact that it was made with mobility in mind. For years, advertisers, marketers and major media companies have stressed the importance of creating applications and content for mobile platforms as sales of mobile phones and PDAs have soared along with advancements in mobile technology.” “What we are doing is creating professional, high-end mobile content using a simple, consumer-friendly camera that everyone has access to.”

Regarding the technical aspects of the iPhone, producer Ron Finberg explains, “The newest generation iPhone comes with a simple video camera, not unlike on other mobile phones out there. What makes the newest iPhone different is it’s 30 frames-per-second capability and the fact that the picture and video quality is surprisingly good, far better than one would

expect on a cameraphone. Of course there are limitations with a such a simple camera but what we’re doing is seeing how far we can go utilizing the existing features. We’re the first to apply that simple feature to a traditional music video format. But this goes beyond music videos; it will have a profound effect in all forms of content, mobile or otherwise, and even provide alternatives to the way television and feature films are made. What we’re seeing right now is the beginning of the democratization of digital video.”

Director Amir Valinia adds, “We’ve truly reached a milestone with all the recent advances in film and video technology.” He adds, “”I have directed and produced music videos for over 10 years now, and saw the opportunity to utilize that experience to try something different, something unique. The production values for this music video will not be any different from all the other music videos we’ve worked on in the past. It will still be a professional production. We’ll be using a soundstage, green screen, professional set-design, etc. The major difference is we are using the iPhone as our camera. Of course new shooting techniques will be incorporated using this new type of camera, but it’s just another way of embracing new technology. This is not just revolutionary, but evolutionary.”

The song “I Need ‘Mo” by Paul Wall is a cross between rap and rock. In addition to Paul Wall, Travis Barker of Blink 182 and rapper Kobe will be featured in the music video. Principal photography is set to begin on July 15 in Houston and July 16 & 17 in Los Angeles. Paul Wall is a multi-platinum selling artist whose album, “Fast Life”, was recently released this summer. AV1 Productions / Gatecrasher Films recently produced the music video “Hip-Hop Saved My Life” for rap and hip hop superstar Lupe Fiasco. AV1 Productions / Gatecrasher Films is full-service motion picture production company, specializing in films, music videos and commercials, using cost-effective strategies and efficient processes and techniques resulting in beautiful motion pictures at ultra-competitive rates. Music videos produced and/or directed by Amir Valinia and AV1 Productions / Gatecrasher Films have in the past aired on MTV, VH1 and BET among others. Amir has also directed several feature films such as “Mutants” starring Michael Ironside (“Top Gun”, “Starship Troopers”) and Steven Bauer (“Scarface”), “Lords of the Street”, starring Kris Kristofferson, and “Lockjaw: Rise of the Kulev Serpent”, starring hip-hop superstar DMX.