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This Music Video About a Man Reminiscing with an iPhone Was Shot on an iPhone

Directing duo The Rig Out shot the entirety of the music video for Knox Brown’s “Reignite” on an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, a propos considering the video is about a man reliving his past relationship through the photos, videos, and social media on his phone.

The Rig Out used a number of apps, including FiLMiC Pro Camera Kit, Boomerang, and Instagram, as well as the Beastgrip mount adapter with Nikkor lenses to get the video’s look.

“Shooting on the iPhone was a dream – without the sheer size and weight of a traditional film camera kit, we were hugely mobile and it was perfect for getting the on-the-move shots that are integral to this story,” they tell Promo News. “Rigging the iPhone to a Movi gave us smooth movement, and even with this extra bit of kit, we were able to run and gun it around Peckham to get whatever shots we needed, with no hassle.”

Watch below and read the full story here.