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MSE Manufactures James Saldutti’s Dutti Dolly

Matthews Studio Equipment recently formed a partnership with dolly grip James Saldutti to manufacture his Dutti Dolly for the general market. The concept for the Dutti Dolly came to Saldutti during work with cinematographer James Muro, who wanted to shoot many low shots. “The dollies out there rest too high on track,” explains Saldutti. “To make shots work for James [Muro], I had to get lower, so I came up with a configuration that I thought might just work for one film. Who knew that would become his go-to piece of equipment on every project he does.”

Muro loves it. “I’ll put the Dutti Dolly on top of the table in the White House situation room for HBO’s The Brink,” he says. “It sits on track on the floor for a self–motivated situation with a 1- or 2-foot riser. It can obviously fit in much tighter space than a conventional dolly. It simply makes for an intuitive operating experience where there is not a lot of discussion, not a lot of laying track, not a lot of big equipment. With the Dutti Dolly, I can be in and out of the location quickly and still have a massive amount of production value, just as if I had all the big gear.”

Muro adds, “On the television series Southland, we were always trying to have smaller, simple solutions to get the camera crew in and out of the locations within two to three hours. A couple of 12-foot planks and the Dutti Dolly and various sized sliders are pretty much all we needed. The dolly ended up being the staple of the camera movement on that show.”