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MPC and Mother Take A Dreamlike Journey for Ikea

Created by Mother with MJZ director Juan Cabral, Ikea’s “Bed” commercial combines breathtaking landscapes and vivid realism with the surreal concept of mattresses suspended thousands of feet above the ground. The narrative follows a girl who tumbles through a series of floating Ikea offerings in her quest for the perfect bed.

The shoot captured the protagonist and a series of beds hung from cranes and suspended over buildings in Johannesburg, South Africa. In order to build a “bed staircase,” Ikea beds were filmed against greenscreen on the ground. The sequence used an 80-foot weighted crane and controlled drop to allow the actress to literally plummet from the sky.

MPC’s VFX team then collaborated with Cabral and Mother to create detailed matte paintings, adding CG beds and embellishments and compositing elements including a NASA rocket and plume. Led by 2D creative director Bill McNamara, MPC’s team used the innovative filming techniques, which captured a great deal of the action in-camera, to then create the effects and embellish the shots. Finally, MPC’s global creative director of color grading Jean-Clément Soret completed the grade, establishing a soft, dreamlike look.

“Most of the time colorists are asked to help structure a narrative spot or give unity to a visual piece,” explains Soret. “This time was different because it is a ‘dream,’ and as in dreams, your mind jumps from one thing to another—so we treated each sequence as individual to a certain degree to surprise the audience.”