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MPC, 180 Amsterdam and Director Rob Blishen Build a Handmade Paper Universe for Sony PlayStation

MPC and director Rob Blishen worked with 180 Amsterdam on an unconventional spot, creating a paper world of adventure for the launch of Tearaway, the new platforming game from the award-winning studio behind the LittleBigPlanet franchise, Media Molecule.

The new game, made exclusively for Sony’s portable PlayStation Vita console, is set in a 3D world made entirely of paper. The team took this one step further in creating a real-life paper world at 1:12 to scale which was integrated with green screen and shot elements. MPC collaborated with Rob to create the miniature sets and scaled paper puppets, subsequently using stop motion and a live action shoot with matched moves. The elements were integrated with discreet 3D and 2D work and set extensions.

Said Rob Blishen,“To blend as many disciplines as this spot contains into one coherent whole, meant I needed a team who could take something highly complex to plan and shoot and make it appear simple… a pretty good definition of one of the major strengths of MPC really.”

Watch the spot below.