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Moving Storyboards and Drumming: Wes Anderson Maps out the Peculiar Genius of ‘Moonrise Kingdom’

Wes Anderson talks to Fast Company‘s Co.Create about how he took Moonrise Kingdom from script to storyboards to film.

He says about his previous film, the stop-motion Fantastic Mr. Fox, “The thing you have no choice but to do when you’re doing an animated movie is to draw everything first. It’s not only all storyboarded. It is very carefully storyboarded and then sort of edited into a moving storyboard. It is still images but you actually edit the movie before you shoot it, and that is such a helpful thing to do. [On Moonrise Kingdom] we drew them first then we cut them together and we recorded a soundtrack to go with it. We did the whole thing like that with a number of parts to the film.”

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