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Morgan Spurlock Launches Digestible Web Series on Economics

Morgan Spurlock’s Cinelan and Paul Allen’s Vulcan Entertainment have launched We the Economy: 20 Short Films You Can’t Afford to Miss on 26 different online platforms this week.

The 20 short films, each with a different director ranging from Adam McKay to Catherine Hardwicke to Mary Harron, attempt to break down economic principles into digestible, and in some cases humorous, short films.

Spurlock tells Indiewire, “In the next week, you’re going to have more people, watching, sharing and engaging in the economy than you probably ever have in the history of the entertainment business…You want to reach people who don’t watch CNBC or Fox Business News all day long. You know, like 99 percent of us.”

Read the full story here. Adam McKay’s My Little Pony-inspired short about income inequality can be found below.