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More 3D Than 3D?

Charlie Schmidlin visited the Cinemark XD theater in Los Angeles for The Creators Project at the request of technology spokesperson Ted Schilowitz (a founding member of the Red Camera Company and 20th Century Fox’s resident Futurist). This time Schilowitz was working on behalf of projector company, Barco, where he holds the iconoclastic title Chief Creative Officer. Schmidlin viewed scenes from in Barco Escape, a 3-screen format reminiscent of the original tryptic-style Cinerama, used on a number of films in the ‘50s and ‘60s. 

“First deployed on a test run last year with the YA film adaptation of The Maze Runner, Barco Escape has returned one year later with more confidence in format. The sequel Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials has been augmented in the first 22 minutes and a commissioned travelogue short by YouTube creator Devin Supertramp will premiere before each screening.

“It’s arguable whether these collaborations will ever return cinema attendance to its soaring highs,” the writer notes, “but Schilowitz and others in the film and tech industries are nonetheless dedicated to the pursuit. The process begins with a number of complex questions, including those that might cancel the traditional cinema experience out entirely.”

Take a look here to get a better idea of how this immersive setup looks and works.