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MoovIT Deploys EditShare for Collaborative Workflow Across Oceans

Content producers are increasingly viewing cloud-enabled asset storage and content management as a “must have” toolset. Editors and production teams must have quick access to content wherever they are, and the cloud can offer benefits such as wider content availability and flexibility of scale.

The reality of implementing such workflows is not so easy, however. For many, the idea of utilizing current facility infrastructure with new cloud tools makes sense financially and takes away much of the risk. One such approach was taken for Endemol Shine Germany’s production of the reality TV show Wild Island. Germany-based MoovIT production services was tasked with determining how to best manage a remote workflow, with production taking place in Central America and post in Cologne, Germany.

The series featured 14 citizens left to survive on an uninhabited tropical island with no food or water for 28 days. With six cameras covering the action, the production team needed to organize 20 to 30 hours of footage daily, with zero downtime and a 24-hour turnaround on dailies. Further, they needed to make that content available to Cologne staff 6,000 miles away with the aim to increase production feedback during filming and reduce final postproduction costs.

The solution MoovIT implemented included deploying EditShare’s XStream EFS high-availability storage platform to securely handle volume footage, with integrated Flow PAM and the web-based AirFlow remote collaborative toolset to unify operations across oceans. With only the most basic internet connection to handle any remote access, combined with regular power outages, the prospect of successfully managing the desired workflow hinged on the reliability of the on-site storage platform and the efficiency of the cloud management tools. The results of this hybrid approach were overwhelmingly successful.

Flow provided the production team the tools to automate and log the daily ingest of content to the EditShare XStream EFS server. AirFlow allowed production staff in Cologne to connect to the Wild Island storage server even in the worst weather conditions. The team in Germany was then able to review the proxy files and, if necessary, download the high-resolution files locally, make notations and edits and then upload for the on-location team. The editorial team imported the AirFlow proxies into Avid Media Composer and assembled scenes and completed programs. When the shooting was over, the high-resolution storage was flown back to Germany and the Avid sequences were relinked.